Welcome to the New Health Age!

Health care and medicine are beginning to undergo massive, disruptive,
and transformational changes.

This change is so fundamental that America is entering a new age.

This new age is called “The New Health Age.” After writing their acclaimed book, The New Health Age: The Future of Health Care in America, the co-authors David Houle and Jonathan Fleece created New Health Age Advisors (NHAA) to work with clients to help them understand, face, and successfully respond to this new age and the corresponding changes ahead.
This powerful evolutionary shift in health care is and will impact every business and individual in America. It is a time of massive change. The choice is simple: embrace, understand, learn and change or risk extinction.

NHAA helps professionals, health care businesses, and non-health care businesses avoid failure, achieve greater success, lowered costs and greater health in the New Health Age. The New Health Age will alter all businesses in America. Everyone must be prepared.

The New Health Age Advisors helps our clients think smarter, plan well, deliver better results, and succeed economically in the future of health care.

The Book & The Movement

The New Health Age - BookThe Book
The New Health Age: The Future of Health Care in America (www.thenewhealthage.com) introduces, defines and explains the New Health Age America has entered. It sets forth what health care and medicine will look like in the years ahead and offers hope and promise for a healthier society. Read More >
The Race to a Healthy America LogoThe Race to a Healthy America
Living healthy lifestyles are at the core of The New Health Age. How can businesses, such as ACLS Medical Institute Nurses Certification be policy makers, educators, to promote and encourage people to make the right choices that lead to healthy lifestyles? It will take fundamental cultural, philosophica, and societal changes to people’s thinking patterns and behaviors.
Read More >