The Race to a Healthy America

Living healthy lifestyles are at the core of the new health age.

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How can businesses, policy makers, educators, and others promote and encourage people to make the right choices that lead to healthy lifestyles?
It will take fundamental cultural, philosophical, and societal changes to people’s thinking patterns and behaviors. It will take a movement. New Health Age Advisors can work with your organization to begin your participation in the movement.

The Race to a Healthy America is that movement.
This Race is as significant as American’s Race to the Moon, which launched technological advances and innovations that continues to impact our daily lives and businesses. This Race, however, launches America to a more profound destination – a society with healthy minds, bodies, and spirits. The result will be a healthier, happier, and more prosperous nation.

The Goal: to make America the healthiest country in the world by 2025. It is time to take action now!
Individuals, families, companies, groups of any size or focus can all join in to launch this new national vision. To succeed we must start now.

Join Us!

It is time to come together in our thinking about health and health care in America. To the right are 10 ideas we can all embrace and get started today!
The 10 Core Principles of The Race to a Healthy America:

America must promote medical advancement and innovation because new advances have the capability of furthering greater health, longevity, and well-being in the future, thus lowering costs.

Americans must reward health care providers and educators for improving health and health care delivery while controlling costs.

We are a caring nation, with a majority of the population in support of giving people a “hand up” more so than a “handout.”

Americans want to prevent chronic diseases that accelerate death and expend too many economic resources.

Many Americans must get healthier. Personal choice and accountability for one’s actions is key to moving America toward a culture of good health.

America must reduce the spending on unnecessary health care costs.

Federal, state, and local government must reduce their budget deficits and debts.

American companies need a healthier workforce and must control health insurance costs to compete in a global marketplace.

America must utilize technology to improve health and health care.

The United States remains the greatest nation on Earth. Americans will not be held back or refuse to address these issues and ideals going forward, because our nation always rejects defeat.

Behind these principles are many ideas, goals, advisory programs and services for Americans, and opportunities for success that New Health Age Advisors can deliver, including:

Population Wellness Programs
Disease Prevention and Management Programs
Policy Making Around a Healthier Nation
Economic Development Agendas
Integration of Health Care Delivery System Plans
Education Initiatives
And More

Adopt one or more of these key principles and you and your organization will join the greatest race in the 21st Century. Contact NHAA about ways that we can advise and work with you to participate in the Race!