David Houle and Jonathan Fleece are dynamic and sought after speakers
about the future of health care.

David is regarded as one of the foremost keynote futurist speakers in the world today and speaks at major conferences and corporate retreats. As an industry leader in health care, Jonathan also provides keynote speeches although his presentations are generally focused in North America and he often leads discussion groups, and seminar oriented programs.

David has recently won a "Speaker of the Year" award from Vistage International the world’s leading CEO organization. He has been called "the CEOs futurist" and "the emerging futurist in the world today."

The New Health Age presentation provides a large, contextual, and conceptual understanding of the huge forces and changes that are and will completely transform the business, health care, and medical landscape in America and around the world in the next ten years. Houle and Fleece have already spoken to and been booked by numerous associations and health care companies to provide them with the vision and understanding of the huge changes that are inevitable. They deliver a must see presentation for any health care or medical meeting.

David and Jonathan like to follow up their speeches with extended Q&A and discussions and to act as a catalyst for thinking about the future of health care as it may pertain to a specific group or company.